What is the difference between the Complete Easy Court & Pro Kit Stencil?

The main difference is the finished looked of the lines. The Complete Easy has broken or dashed lines. The Pro kit has continuous lines. The Pro Kit also has the dashed line below the Free Throw Line and an extra 4 feet of stencil on each piece behind the hoop for out-of-bounds lines to meet.

What are the dimensions of a high school/womens college regulation court?

50' x 84' for a full size court, including jump circle and out-of-bounds lines.

How many cans of paint are needed to complete a full size court?

11-12 cans to complete 2 half courts, jump circle and all the out-of-bounds lines. 

Therefore, if you're only doing a half court, jump circle and out-of-bounds lines, then it would take 5-6 cans.

What kind of paint is best?

Marking Paint? FALSE! We highly recommend using solvent based upside down striping paint. This type of paint is used to stripe parking lots and is very durable. When sprayed on the stencil it will not bleed or leak under as it does when rolled on. It leaves a clean, crisp line. 

How many courts can be done with one stencil?

Several courts can be sprayed. The less paint build up on the stencil will enable it to be used a number of times. 

How wide are the lines made by the stencil?



What is the stencil made out of?

It is made out of a pizza box type cardboard. It is thinner than typical cardboard, but more dense to handle paint build up. We have tried several different kinds over the years and this gives the best finished product for our customers. 

Why shouldn’t I roll on the paint?

Our stencil has the best outcome when it is sprayed on. Rolling on the paint will saturate the stencil unnecessarily and can bleed under the cardboard leaving a jagged, sloppy line. When spraying and holding the stencil down tight to the surface of your court, it will create a clean line between the stencil and the court. If you would like further information, please feel free to call us.

Expedited Shipping

We can send stencils WITHOUT paint at an extra cost expedited. If you need a quote feel free to email or call us and we will be happy to help you. 

Stolen Packages

Unfortunately, there has been cases of "porch pirates" stealing packages after being delivered. To mediate this issue,  we give the "Signature Required" option to release the package for $6. If you refuse this option we do not claim responsibility and do not refund or replace missing or stolen packages. We highly recommend using this method, especially if there has been thefts in the neighborhood.