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Unfortunately, there has been cases of "porch pirates" stealing packages after being delivered. To mediate this issue,  we give the "Signature Required" option to release the package for $6. If you refuse this option we do not claim responsibility and do not refund or replace missing or stolen packages. We highly recommend using this method, especially if there has been thefts in the neighborhood. 



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Our Services

Ronan Sports specializes in Court Stencils so you can play like a Pro in your own backyard! Many of our customers enjoy using our stencils for schools, gyms, and recreational areas. We are a full sign and stencil company and can create a personalized stencil with a name or team for your court.  

Happy Customers!

“Neighborhood hit! We love it!” Tammy H. August 14, 2015

“I love this product! Yes, it was spendy, but it was so easy to use and my kids love having the BB court lines. It can definitely get reused if the lines fade over time, but so far, it is holding up well outdoors!! Love it!” Amazon Customer August 30, 2016

“Very sturdy and easy to use. My basketball court looks professionally done.” Earnest Dickens Jr. November 22, 2016 

“Worked out well. Just take the time to get the template installed correctly before painting. If you don't you will get overspray and bleed!” Amazon Customer November. 6, 2017 

“I thought this was a decent bang for the buck. I was concerned about the blank spaces before I got the product. Some other product online showed huge gaps that looked ugly. I thought the lines in the kit were small enough that it didn't bother me enough to go through the effort of filling them in. I think the court looks great. Pretty user friendly.” Amazon Customer October 22, 2017


About Us

Our Main Team


We are a hard working, dedicated group of people who love making stencils! We love helping our customers acheive an awesome court for them and their families to enjoy. We are constantly trying to come up with other stencils for different court games. We would love to hear any of your ideas about our products! We are passionate about our product and love hearing feedback. We also love receiving pictures from our customers. Please feel free to contact us!

Front Left to Front Right: Rachel, Vivian, Alexandra, Zachary, Robert, Quinton & Shaniah.

Our Story


In 1998 we started out in our backyard and have continued to grow and expand over the years. The design started because we wanted a better way to line our basketball court without hiring a professional, and the Complete Easy Court was born. We have since come up with many ways to make our product better and even how to achieve a solid line with our patented Pro Kit Stencil! We now stamp out all our kits and piece them together in a large warehouse in Lake Elsinore, CA about an hour South of Los Angeles. We are very happy to bring our product to the public and assist our customers to get the kind of court they want!

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